Step 1

The first step we like to take in helping you reach your goals is to conduct a free consultation. After all, how can we build a custom plan tailored for you if we haven’t seen what needs repairing? During this free consultation we identify items on your credit report that need to be addressed.  

Step 2

The second step in the journey is to perform a credit report audit. Our credit repair experts comb through your credit report, line by line and create an audit. The intended use of the audit is to provide support and knowledge, in respect to the consumer data provided on your credit report. Once we prepare the audit we will send you a very detailed email, custom written around your credit report.  

Step 3

After your audit, we will start working on your credit report based on the information and data we have obtained during the audit process. The first step is to correct any and all incorrect personal information on your credit report. We typically start to see results within 15 days after starting.

Step 4

Now we wait! This part of the credit repair process typically takes 30 Days ... This is where the fun begins! The Credit bureaus legally have 30 days to respond to our disputes. This involves the credit bureaus investigating items that we are disputing on your behalf with our proven factual verification process. Be sure to check your mail for any letters the credit bureaus may send you. If you can, e-mail or scan them to us as you receive them. 

Step 5

Once we complete your Credit repair process, you will have several opportunities to continue to work with us regarding your credit. We offer an array of other services that consist of proactive credit repair, monthly membership options and more. So please, if you think of anything that you may need, consider us first! We are always eager to help. As we believe Knowledge is Power.


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